Managing Difficult Patrons with Confidence!

Nov 1, 2011
Date Note: 
* This course is available at any time during the month. You have the entire month to complete it.

Class Description:

Dealing with difficult patrons is a never-ending topic among library staff, especially those working in public libraries.

Every staff member dreads having to deal with a problem patron, but these occurrences in libraries are unavoidable. In reality, the number of problem patron situations is not great, but because they are challenging and often emotionally charged, they loom large in our overall experiences. While never fun, there is a way to prepare staff to handle problem patrons effectively and with confidence.

This course is intended to provide each participant with a basic tool-kit that can be applied to manage a variety of difficult patron situations.


Class Objective:

Staff completing this course will be able to:

  • Apply a variety of communication techniques to positively manage various problem patron situations
  • Apply a number of coping techniques to be able to maintain composure in stressful problem patron situations
  • Determine when the problem patron cannot be satisfied and to whom and how to communicate this
  • Decide when to call for security or the police
  • Assist with reviewing, revising and/or creating library policies that address a variety of problem patron situations e.g. patron-conduct policy, unattended children policy, etc.


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Delivery method is online anytime within the one month class period.



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• Only staff of Kentucky public libraries are eligible to register.
• No credit will be given for incomplete courses. Please do not enroll in a course unless you intend to complete it.
• There is a maximum of 30 persons total per class. Registration is limited to two people from each library system.
• Registration closes one week prior to start of class.


KDLA offers these courses free to public library staff and trustees in Kentucky—the regular price per course per person is $25.00.

In order for KDLA to cover the cost of your training you must use the registration form below. If you register through the LE@D website, you will be prompted for credit card information.

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